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Setup Instructions

Congratulations! Your Allform has arrived, and you are just a quick assembly away from all forms of lounging. Our How To booklets contain everything you need to know to build your Allform and can be found inside of the Arms box or using the below links.

How to Booklets:

Woman Assembling Light Grey Allform Sofa

Assembly Steps

Step 1: Prepare to Form

We are as excited about your new Allform as you are! For assembly, we recommend that you work in an area with enough space on a clean floor. The floor should be smooth to avoid catching fabric or scratching leather. If you are assembling a large sofa or sectional, try to build as close as you can to your Allform’s final position within the room.
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Step 2: Assemble your Seats

First you’ll assemble all of the seats from your Seat and Chaise boxes. Connect the backrests and seat bases using T-bolts to secure the two pieces of the seat together.

When complete, you should have all free-standing seats which are not yet connected.
Woman assembling Allform sofa

Step 3: Assemble your Benches

Now group your free-standing seats into benches. A bench is a string of seats that connect in a straight line. A sofa is a single bench, a corner sectional has 2 benches, and a U sectional has 3 benches.

Once you’ve grouped your Seats into benches, assemble your benches by connecting adjacent seats together. Do not connect your assembled benches together.

(Note: This step does not apply for armchairs)
Woman connecting seats of Allform sofa

Step 4: Attach the Arms

Now that you have your assembled benches, it is time to connect the arms. Make sure to connect your arms to the correct end of the correct bench to achieve your desired configuration.

If you did not purchase a sectional, you can now screw on all your legs, and, with 2 people, flip your Allform to its standing and upright position. We’ll catch up with you at Step 8!
Woman assembling Allform sofa

Step 5: Build the Corners

Follow this step for all L-Sectional and U-Sectional Sofas only.

If you purchased a sectional, now you will assemble your corner seat(s), which are assembled using the pieces from your Corner Back and Corner Seat boxes. First, assemble each corner backrest by securing the angled backrests together, and then fasten the corner seat base to the bottom of the assembled backrest.
Woman attaching legs to Allform sofa

Step 6: Attach the Corners

Follow this step for all L-Sectional and U-Sectional Sofas only.

If you’re building an L sectional, you will attach the corner to the right bench.

If you’re building a U sectional, you will attach one corner to the right bench and the other to the left bench. Leave the middle bench alone for now.

Attach a center panel to the free side of each corner and screw in all of your legs. With two people, flip each bench onto its Legs.
Woman assembling Allform sofa

Step 7: Attach the Benches

Follow this step for all L-Sectional and U-Sectional Sofas only.

If you’re building an L sectional, connect your left bench and right bench at the corner. 

If you’re building a U sectional, first connect the middle bench (no arms) to the corner attached to the right bench; then connect the other side of the middle bench to the corner attached to the left bench. 

You’ll likely need to get on the ground to secure these final connections.
Man and woman putting cusions on Allform sofa

Step 8: Get ready for Allform comfort!

Put on all of your cushions. 

Bask in the glory of your accomplishment and have a seat. You deserve it!
Woman laying on Allform sofa
How to Booklets: